The Secrets of Internet Marketing

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Did you know that the average tablet user will spend almost 14 hours on their device a week? Every minute of that time is an opportunity for advertiser to promote their product or service. Internet advertising is a growing sector in the advertising world. By 2015, it is estimated to account for over a quarter of all advertisements. A big reason for this has been the incredible increase in the popularity and access of the internet. Consider that, today, 88% of adults have a cell phone and 57% have a laptop computer. As the internet becomes more and more pervasive through the advent of smart phones and tablets, so too will marketers recognize the opportunity the internet provides.

There are two main strategies internet marketers utilize. The first is called Pay Per Click, or PPC for short. PPC progrContinue reading

Top Reasons That You Should Be Paying Attention to Business News

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The world has changed quite significantly within just the past few decades. Not only has technology advanced by leaps and bounds and made its way into most aspects of our daily lives, it has even changed the ways that we do business. Not too long ago, it could take days or possibly weeks for something of note to occur within the business world. These days, changes happen constantly and not keeping track of them can be a huge detriment to your company. Whether you are watching business news live to keep on top of the latest and more important business news or you are tuning into fox live, you should make sure that you and your company are always in the loop.

Keeping abreast of the most recent business news, be it through fox business live or other live business news sources, ensures that you and your compContinue reading

Green Laundry Services are a Great Resource for Both Families and Businesses

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In lots of different environments, doing laundry is a dreaded task that simply has to be done. Of course, many parents will spend weekend afternoons making sure that both they and their kids have the clean clothes they need for the week ahead, but many businesses also need to make sure that workplace uniforms are clean to maintain a professional appearance. Fortunately, there are uniform cleaners who can handle any mess and take the burden off of managers, owners, and employees. However, not all dry cleaners are the same, and some offer the benefit of pickup and delivery for added convenience to set Continue reading

Choose the Customer Service Experience that Best Suits You

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Did you know that, according to Forrester’s 2012 Customer Service Index, only 37% of companies offer good or excellent customer service, and the furniture industry is incredibly large, employing 281,515 people in the U.S. alone? Purchasing furniture, and finding quality, affordable furniture stores, can be challenging. Direct Buy is committed to providing great customer service, making purchases simple, and achieving the very best customer satisfaction scores. How exactly does Direct Buy go above and beyond for its customers?

Offering Customers More

A study published in The Journal of Applied Social Psychology set out to discover what would happen if servers slipped inContinue reading